Take The Positive Approach

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“No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an enchanted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.” Helen Keller

Was the meeting expressive or repressive? We survived it. It would be nice if we could say we enjoyed it and I am now convinced I can say it I do enjoy the gatherings. I focus on my attitude and not the attitude of others. If someone tries to draw me into a controversial discussion I do not take the bait. Sometimes people are just in a bad mood so I keep my distance until it is safe. Did you ever notice as I have that when I am in a bad mood I tend to take it out on the same person. It seems to happen that some person is most likely the recipient of our anger if they are nearby. Of course if they are not it leaves us with finding another.

It proves to me that lots of times my anger might be unjustified and the result of my own mood. I am beginning to feel guilty already. if I upset others  it results in a domino effect. It makes me think beyond my decision and concludes with a more positive result. To think how many times I have caused my own terrible  experiences makes me want to reprimand myself.Now I prepare my mind before work or any kind of a meeting. I remember to ignore remarks that may not hold the meaning I think they hold. I put myself in another’s shoes and think about why they are frustrated and being mean. I overlook another’s quick temper and mark it off as a possible disagreement with a partner. I do not want the responsibility of having another’s bad mood  cause me a miserable day. I also do not want to be swallowed up in their issues.

I want to enjoy the camaraderie moments because many times they are not often enough. I believe we can make work  what we want. Letting  go of competition, anger and jealousy helps to create an issue free environment. I for one do not want to deliberately make others miserable, nor do I want to create a problem with another human being which will torment me far beyond the workday. Many times unethical plots backfire in the strangest ways. I don’t have to be involved or even have any knowledge of it. higher powers always step in and correct the problem in the most dramatic and atypical way.

I watch others attempt to blurt out their version of a story as both parties speak loudly to be heard. It becomes he said and she said. Nobody is listening including the boss. Frayed feelings go around and relationships are in pieces. Everyone is coerced into taking “sides” but nobody is happy. I don’t really see a winner but I do observe many losers.

making our points and throwing our weight is nonsense. All of us not involved are thinking when is it time to go home this is giving me a headache. We feign involvement but don’t really care. So it is “much ado about nothing” I venture to say if the boss likes you, you will move up no matter how badly you mess up. If the boss does not like you forget it. All of the displays in the world won’t change your position. Connection will always be stronger than ability. Dispelling with favorites doesn’t mean anything beyond the spoken words.

We must lighten up because in the end it comes out with the wash and people get what is due them. If you are a cheater, you will be swindled, a liar will never manage to garner the truth, and a distrustful person will lament the ability to have faith in others. If you want peace in your heart and soul, strive for it in your relationships.

“Life offers no guarantees…just choices; no certainty…but consequences; no predictable outcomes…just the privilege of pursuit.” Tim Connor

“He climbs highest who helps another up.” George Matthew Adams

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding.” Albert Einstein


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